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Compound Extends DeFi Ethos to Itself, Launches Governance Token
Decentralized finance platform Compound is going ahead and decentralizing itself.
Options Protocol Brings 'Insurance' to DeFi Deposits on Compound
At least on the Compound protocol, the collateralized lending platform that runs on ethereum.
PoolTogether DeFi App Announces $1M Investment After No-Loss Lottery Payout Tops $1K
One lucky DAI holder won over $1,400 on PoolTogether Friday, reaching a new order of magnitude in prize payouts for risk-averse gamblers.
Maker Launches New Dai Today, Expects to Phase-Out Old Dai in Months
Decentralized autonomous organization Maker will launch a new type of Dai stablecoin today.
Andreessen Horowitz Leads $25M Funding Round for Crypto Lending Startup
Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has led a $25 million funding round for crypto lending startup Compound.
DeFi Startup Compound Finance Raises $25 Million Series A Led by A16z
Lending protocol Compound Finance just raised $25 million in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz's a16z crypto fund, marking one of the largest venture capital investments in a decentralized finance startup to date.
Veteran Crypto and Stocks Trader Shares 6 Ways to Invest and Get Rich
Two of the most frequent questions that I get from people in the crypto community are: what do you invest in and what are the best investing strategies? As a general rule, the best investment strategy focuses on maximizing gains while minimizing risk.
DeFi portal InstaDApp raises $2.4 million in seed round
InstaDApp, a portal that simplifies interactions between major DeFi protocols, raised $2.4 million in seed funding from a line-up of high profile strategic investors.
Staked Automates the Best DeFi Returns With Launch of Robo Advisor
Investors in decentralized finance have a new way to generate the best possible returns.
Coinbase to Invest $2 Million USDC in DeFis Compound and dYdX
Announced Tuesday, the US cryptocurrency exchange is investing 1 million USDC each in lending protocols Compound and dYdX. Called the "USDC Bootstrap Fund," Coinbase says the new fund will support developers by "Investing USDC directly in the protocol."