DLive Joins BitTorrent Ecosystem to Make Blockchain-Based Content Sharing Mainstream

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Peer-to-peer filesharing giant BitTorrent announced on Dec. 30 that DLive, the blockchain-based live streaming platform, will be joining its ecosystem.

Through this partnership, DLive will bring peer-to-peer content sharing and live streaming capabilities to BitTorrent's 100 million monthly active users.

BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun explained that DLive is one of the leading blockchain-based platforms for live streaming.

"DLive is one of the best real-world examples of what is possible when you combine blockchain and digital media. DLive is a great solution for live media producers. Think of how valuable live streaming content is already to centralized social media platforms who take ownership and advantage of their users' hard work. We look forward to DLive bringing value to the entire world with the addition of TRON and BitTorrent's global community of passionate creators."

BLive, the live streaming platform introduced by BitTorrent in early 2019, will migrate into DLive, joining the teams together.

DLive will also advertise their products and services on BitTorrent networks to generate awareness for decentralized content sharing.

DLive will continue to support the Lino blockchain until the transition to the TRON blockchain is complete.

While the Lino blockchain technical infrastructure will be integrated into BitTorrent, the LINO coin cryptocurrency used by DLive to pay content creators will no longer be the fundamental unit of value in the new ecosystem.

To facilitate the integration of BitTorrent's BTT cryptocurrency into the existing DLive ecosystem, DLive plans to offer benefits and rewards to existing users to transition from the Lino blockchain onto the BitTorrent ecosystem.

DLive will also use BitTorrent's new service for file storage, known as the BitTorrent Filesharing System.